In tandem with globalization and the revolution in information and technology, knowledge nowadays advances at an ever-increasing speed, and change is forcing itself on us at every turn. As we enter into the twenty-first century, society expects its citizens to be capable of proactively dealing with change throughout life both individually and collaboratively in a context of dynamic, multicultural global transformation. Learning is considered to be a major agent to enable people to possess the knowledge, skills, creativity, enterprise for and insight into the challenges and possibilities of an unknown future. The culture of lifelong learning must thus characterize our society.

We are committed to facilitating the growth of the knowledge society through promoting and realizing the concept of lifelong learning. The focus of our effort is to foster a new learning culture in Hong Kong by means of an education provision with open access and participation. We hope that you will find out in more details about our services which might be relevant to your own needs.
In an effort to make lifelong learning a reality, Caritas Community & Higher Education Service as one of the largest education service providers in Hong Kong has been developing a Community College System over the years. Our service provision covers a potentially vast area touching on many fields such as education leading to academic credentials, education of general interest, education for the youth, third age, new arrivals and less-educated women, workforce training and retraining in the face of rapid technological change.

Our major counterparts include local and overseas higher education institutions, IT partners, industry and business, community centres and secondary schools.

The system is grounded in the notion of lifelong learning and operated with the following features:
Lifewide learning
(i.e. learning be extended to all aspects of life and operated in formal, non-formal and informal settings.)
Open access and participation
(i.e. learning be accessible to all with maximum possible flexibility within the system.)
Coherence in and articulations between levels/fields of studies
Partnerships within and beyond the system
(i.e. partnership among member institutions and partnership with other social sectors/groups.)
- Degree Programme
- Higher Diploma Programme
- Associate Degree Programme
- Diploma Programme
- Yi Jin Diploma Programme
- Continuing Education
Fund Reimbursable Programme
- Extension Programme
- ERB Manpower Development Scheme
- Skill-upgrading Programme
- School-based Programme
- Summer Study Programme
- EDB Funded Programme
- General Part-time Programme
Caritas Community & Higher Education Service
Caritas Institute of Higher Education
- Tiu Keng Leng
- Oxford Road
Caritas Bianchi
College of Careers
- Tiu Keng Leng

Caritas Institute of Community Education
- Kowloon Tong
- Hung Hom
- Yaumati
- Sau Mau Ping
- Tsui Ping
Hong Kong Island
- Aberdeen
- North Point
- Tin Hau
- Kennedy Town
- Cheung Chau
New Territories
- Tsuen Wan
- Fanling
- Shatin
- Tuen Mun
- Yuen Long
In order to be more responsive and innovative in accommodating learners with differing aptitudes and academic backgrounds, we have developed a continuing education 'through-train' system operated with the following features:

- Coherence in and articulation between levels of studies.
- No rigorous entrance requirements, but stringent control in exit.
- Flexibility in programme offerings, pedagogic and andragogic innovations.
- Self-financing basically, with some limited funding from external sources.
- Recognition by the government and overseas higher education institutions.
- Close ties with the Government, business, industry and community groups.

The through-train system encompasses a multitude of progression pathways for continuing education leading to academic credentials. It starts from secondary level, Vocational Training Programme, Yi Jin Diploma programme, Higher Diploma Programme, Associate Degree Programme, to Degree Programme.
The Community & Higher Education Service (Previously called Adult and Higher Education Service) is a branch of the Education Division of Caritas - Hong Kong. We started our service in 1963. Since then, we have been undergoing an ever-expanding range of development. The milestones of the Service are as follows:
First part-time courses in domestic science and secretarial training begun.

First adult education centre set up.

First full-time programme started.

Functional Literacy and Adult Basic Education Programme begun.

Collaboration with various Mainland institutions in organizing education programmes in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhanjian, Kaiping and other parts of the Mainland begun.

Linkage with overseas universities/colleges begun.

Caritas Francis Hsu College (CFHC) approved by the former Governor to offer sub-degree programmes.

Employees Retraining Programme to assist local employees affected by economic restructuring to get employment in another trade started.
Graduation of first cohort of CFHC diploma students. 

The Federation for Continuing Education in Tertiary Institutions formed, with CCHES being a founding member.

Project Yi Jin, in collaboration with the Education and Manpower Bureau, provides secondary Five school leavers and mature students aged 21 or above with an alternative education pathway.

CFHC registered as a post-secondary college.
Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC) started to offer accredited post-secondary programmes.
CBCC being the first non-University Grants Committee-funded institution to be granted a piece of land in Tseung Kwan O for its permanent premises by the Government.

Renaming of Caritas Adult & Higher Education Service to Caritas Community & Higher Education Service to meet the education need of the community.

Amalgamation of CBCC and CFHC to lay the foundation for a future Catholic university in Hong Kong.

New Campus of CBCC in Tseung Kwan O was in operation, providing a conducive learning environment for students.

CFHC was awarded degree-granting status, renamed as Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) and offered its first degree programme.
Opening of the Caritas Jockey Club Institute of Community Education – Tsuen Wan which is a specialized centre offering health care training.

CIHE was granted a piece of land adjacent to the CBCC Tseung Kwan O campus for its permanent premises.

Caritas Institute of Community Education (CICE) was successfully accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications to offer programmes pitched at Qualifications Framework QF Level 4.

All community education institutes/centres were renamed as CICE.
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